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Tuition and Fee schedule

Enrolling at C.H.O.I.C.E. provides your students with a full-service educational experience that includes nurturing, low-cost creative academic and extracurricular opportunities. We offer individual instruction and enrichment through classes, club/team meetings, curriculum resource kits, and workshops. 

Registration fee

$350 (non-refundable fee)

Tuition fees(Monthly tuition)

(Tuition is not prorated)

  • $450 half-time three days per week

  • $750 full-time five days per week in-person

  • $1200 full-time five days per week in-person Transition Program (The Transition Learning Program is for students who have a specific diagnosis documented (IEP, ISP, 504 plan, or PyschEval.) that interferes with their educational success.)

Discount Codes for siblings  

Enjoy a saving of 5% on each membership when you register multiple students from the same household.

​​Billing Information

C.H.O.I.C.E. Preparatory Academy uses Quickbooks to manage all tuition accounts. Your tuition and fees will be processed through Quickbooks.


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