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Homeschool Resources

We use an eclectic curriculum designed to fit each student individually. We use a modified scope and sequence to help each homeschooler reach their goals. We use printed materials in combination with computer-based programs. Tutoring is conducted through lectures, discussions, projects, research, and writing. This hybrid homeschool pedagogy promotes subject mastery and community building, which allows our more advanced homeschoolers to tutor and assist their peers.


At C.H.O.I.C.E. Preparatory Academy, we utilized heterogeneous grouping to organize the homeschoolers by abilities. The Guides use a blended learning approach that integrates hands-on learning with adaptive learning software to tutor in all subject areas. For core classes, we developed individualized homeschool resources for each student using Guides with degrees in education.

C.H.O.I.C.E. Preparatory Academy is a dedicated and challenging college–preparatory homeschool program, and

homeschoolers will be encouraged to move ahead as quickly as they can master concepts and content. At C.H.O.I.C.E.

Preparatory Academy, there are no single boxed homeschool resources, and every homeschooler learns individually and at

different rates.


Our homeschool resources are all prepared with the rigor and expectation of honors or AP classes. If you want to receive AP credit, you can schedule an AP exam after a full-year tutoring session at the end of the school year. Our homeschoolers have no trouble scoring well on AP exams. Transcripts will reflect AP or honors efforts through 3 or 6-point final grade bumps. These are figured into the weighted G.P.A. 


Fridays are reserved for social homeschool interactions and team building. Friday sessions include gathering together for leadership programs, various outside speakers, art activities, music, field trips, mentoring, and other electives. Some quizzes, exams, and presentations are also conducted on selected Fridays.

Graduation Requirements

Homeschool graduation requirements match the state requirements at a minimum. In working with colleges, we have added requirements we have found to be necessary for acceptance into many four year schools.


English 4 units

Mathematics 4 units

Science 4 units

Social Studies 4 units (most colleges want 4)

Foreign Language, Latin, Technology 3 units (3 in a language preferred, the state requires one technology as of 2019-2020)

Physical Education & Health 1 unit (P.E. can be satisfied outside of classes)

Electives 4 units (1 fine art)

Total required for graduation: 24 

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